Your Complete Guide to Indian Bridal Dresses

A wedding is meant to be your happiest day ever. We all wish for a perfect proposal and the partner of our dreams for this special day. But besides the proposal, what you wear and the theme of the wedding also matter.

Choosing where you'll get married and what you'll wear is up to you. Some couples prefer small weddings, while others go all out, getting inspiration from celebrities, movies, or fashion designers.

Let’s discuss all of the Indian weddings trends:

Culture behind Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian wedding dresses are deeply tied to the country's culture and traditions, playing a big role in the wedding ceremony, which is a huge deal in India. These dresses are often beautifully embroidered and decorated with jewels and sequins. Other accessories, like the maang tikka (a headpiece) or nose rings, also have special meanings, symbolizing the couple's union or the bride's beauty and strength.

The groom's outfit is also important in the wedding. In Hindu weddings, the groom usually wears a sherwani or kurta with dhoti or churidar. These outfits can be fancy with detailed embroidery and sometimes he wears a turban or pagdi on his head.

Indian wedding clothes are all about culture and tradition. They show who the bride and groom are and are a big part of the wedding ceremony, symbolizing love and unity.

Choosing Your Indian Wedding Dress Look

When preparing to shop for an Indian wedding dress, start by seeking inspiration for your desired look. Take inspiration from family traditions, as well as explore online platforms like Pinterest for ideas.

Additionally, Bollywood films, designer Instagram pages, and real wedding photo albums can serve as sources of inspiration. Gathering ideas from various sources will help you envision your perfect wedding attire.

When choosing your dress, think practically. Designers suggest considering the weather and location to ensure comfort. Also, let your personality shine through. Your outfit should reflect you, not someone else. Make thoughtful choices for each piece, from the lehenga to the shoes, to feel confident and comfortable on your big day.

Customs and Couture

Bridal dresses are more than just outfits—they're symbols of love, tradition, and culture. Let's explore the customs and couture behind these special garments.

  • Bridal Customs: Different cultures have unique customs for bridal attire. Colors like red in Indian weddings and white in Western ceremonies carry special meanings. Understanding these customs helps brides and designers choose the right dress.
  • Couture Creations: Bridal couture mixes luxury and skill to make beautiful dresses. Couture designers create custom-made dresses with detailed lace and fancy decorations, making each dress unique to the bride's taste and dreams.Top of Form
  • Dress Shopping Tips: Shopping for a bridal dress can be overwhelming, but setting a budget, considering the wedding theme, and trying on different styles can make it easier. Finding a dress that aligns with tradition and personal style ensures a memorable wedding day.

Indian Traditional Wedding Dresses

India has a rich variety of bridal attire, reflecting the diverse cultures across the country. Some of the traditional Indian bridal dresses are as under:

Banarasi Silk Sari

The Banarasi Silk Sari from North India is a symbol of elegance and tradition for brides. These saris are intricately woven with gold and silver threads, passed down through generations. They're known for their luxurious brocade work and motifs inspired by the Mughal era, making brides feel like royalty.

Made from pure silk, they have a luxurious feel and shine, with elaborate embroidery that adds to their royal charm. That's why Banarasi silk saris are a timeless favorite for bridal attire.

Lehenga Choli

The Lehenga Choli, a traditional bridal outfit from Rajasthan in North India, is a stunning choice for brides, making them feel like princesses on their big day. Its vibrant colors, often adorned with heavy embellishments like gota patti, add to the regal feel.

Made from luxurious fabrics like silk or georgette, it's not just comfortable but also drapes beautifully, highlighting the bride's elegance. The intricate embroidery, including mirror work, zari, and sequins, makes the bride shine like a star, adding to her charm and radiance.

The Lehenga Choli isn't just clothes; it's a celebration of the bride's beauty and her new journey. It makes her feel graceful and honors Rajasthan's rich heritage, turning her into the most beautiful version of herself.

Mekhela Chador

The Mekhela Chador, from Assam in Northeast India, makes the bride look beautiful while reflecting the simplicity and elegance of Assamese culture.

What's special about it? The handwoven motifs, inspired by Assamese heritage, feature delicate designs of peacocks, flowers, and traditional patterns, representing the soul of the region.

Made from fabrics like Muga silk, eri silk, or cotton, the Mekhela Chador feels comfortable and drapes nicely around the bride. Its natural sheen accentuates her elegance. The minimal yet intricate embroidery adds an artistic touch to the attire, making it even more special.

The Mekhela Chador symbolizes Assamese culture and the bride's roots, adding simplicity and heritage to her beauty on her big day.

Chanderi Silk Sari

Originating from Madhya Pradesh, the Chanderi Silk Sari enhances the bride's beauty with delicate motifs like peacocks and florals. Its sheer texture, pastel colors, and shimmering threads create a graceful charm.

Made from comfy materials like silk or cotton, it drapes the bride with elegance. The embroidery, with fine motifs in zari and buta work, highlights the artisans' skill, making the bride a timeless beauty.

Indian Wedding Popular Trends

Colorful Lehenga

Fashion often repeats itself, and the colorful lehenga is a prime example. Shiny metallic hues like copper, gold, and silver are commonly used for both the top (choli) and the skirt (lehenga), giving them a special sparkle. These outfits are decorated with frills and big designs to showcase the dazzling fabric.

The vibrant colors of wedding lehengas take us back to the 1990s, sure to make heads turn and put you in the spotlight.

Fluffy Lehenga

What's a wedding lehenga without layers of fluffiness? The traditional bridal lehenga is known for its fullness and grandeur, making it absolutely stunning. As a trend in wedding dresses for 2022, adding some netting underneath gives a regular lehenga an extra touch of charm and sophistication.

While a heavy fluffy lehenga might not be practical for events like the sangeet or cocktail party, it's perfect for the main wedding day or the mehendi ceremony when you don't need to move around much. Choose a light fabric like georgette or chiffon for these occasions so you can dance freely and enjoy every moment.

Sparkly Lehenga

Sparkle has always been a hit with Indian brides, and this year is no different. Shimmery fabrics, whether adorned with mirrors, metallic threads, or sequins, continue to be a favorite among Indian women because they make them look and feel radiant on their special day.


Indian wedding dresses show off different cultures and meanings. They range from colorful sarees in the south to intricate lehengas in the north, each representing traditions and wishes for happiness and prosperity. Skilled artisans make them with care, blending tradition with modern style. People everywhere love these dresses for their beauty and cultural importance.
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